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Community Health

New Ideas in Action  


A Healthy Community is a Strong Community

With the conception of PCM came the task of enlisting the best and the brightest. We needed forward thinkers with compassionate hearts and an exceptional work ethic.

Our goal at Portland Community Medics is to provide our patients with a team of passionate professionals who are devoted to improving their health and well-being. Our experts bring years of experience and personalized care to every appointment.


Each member brings their own unique expertise and experience to the table, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care. Get to know our team today.


We're going to take the ache out of your injury, illness or just downright miserable day.

We guarantee it.



Reliable & Committed

Community medicine teams tend to provide more time providing care and performing assessments on visits with patients handling more conditions than regular EMS responders. Portland Community Medics' program aims to achieve a seamless integration with patients primary healthcare teams while still delivering top rate care to subscribing patients. Instead of being a number in an emergency department, we show patients that their needs matter and that there is more to healthcare than just repeatedly visiting the ER when illness comes. 


Why does Portland needs PCM?  

Emergency departments are an inherently frustrating place. Nobody wants to end up in the ER. However, these frustrations are compounded when patients are forced to spend hours in the waiting room, or on hold with 9-1-1 waiting even longer just to get help from the system. A clogged emergency department not only creates confusion and grief among patients but also lowers the ER’s efficiency. Everyone needs to be on board when a truly life-threatening ailment or injury comes through the ER doors.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Portland Community Medics meets patients where they are, preventing problems before they start.


One call can solve it all.

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